Eat More Protein


You?ve probably seen the many different high protein diets in the news like Atkins, Paleo and so on.

The one thing that these diets all have in common is that they encourage people to eat more protein to lose weight.

And you know what? 

That?s because eating protein does lead to fat loss.  

Protein burns fat it?s true 

Study after study has shown that increasing the amount of protein that you eat will boost your metabolism and push your body to burn stored fat as fuel.

You don?t need to follow a fad diet to lose fat. Just double the amount of protein that you are eating and cut down on carbs. You will start losing inches almost immediately.

When you eat more protein you will actually eat less of everything else. Protein is what makes you feel full. Eating protein will make it easy to lose weight without feeling deprived or hungry.


Not all carbs are equal

You will still need to eat some carbs. Humans need carbs in their diets. But the carbs that you eat should come from vegetables and not from refined flour based foods like bread and pasta.  

Double the protein that you?re eating, and cut out bread and pasta. Just those simple dietary changes will help you burn fat and lose weight. 

One of the most common excuses that people give for not eating more protein is that protein rich meats and other foods can be expensive and not practical for someone on a budget.

The sad truth is that pasta and bread are cheap food that even people on a tight budget can afford.

You can?t afford to eat bad food

But what is the price of staying overweight?

How do you put a price on your health? 

The bottom line is that you can?t afford not to eat more protein.


Most people get about 10% of their daily calories from protein but that number should be more like 35%. The amount of calories that you eat isn?t as important as the amount of protein that you?re eating.

 That?s why people who follow the Paleo diet eat high calorie meats with every meal and still lose weight.

Some easy ways to sneak more protein into diet and cut down on carbs are:

  • Eat more eggs. Eggs are inexpensive and pure protein. You can cook them dozens of different ways so that you don?t get sick of them.
  • Stock up on protein bars. Not all protein has to come from meat or cheese. Many stores routinely put protein bars on sale. Stock up on your favorite protein bars when they are on sale so you will have plenty of protein rich snacks. Just make sure the bars are low in carbs and sugar.
  • Cook ahead. A major stumbling block for people trying to eat more protein is having to cook meat or protein at every meal. But you can use a slow cooker to prepare food in advance. Or mix up eggs, bacon, spinach and cheese in a bowl and pour the mixture into a muffin tin and bake. Freeze the egg ?muffins? and you can microwave one whenever you need a quick meal or snack.