Drink Green Tea

One of the best things you can do to lose fat is drink green tea.

Really, that?s all you need to do. Enjoy a cup of delicious green tea and you will lose fat. 

That?s because green tea is packed with antioxidants and other natural elements that will boost your metabolism. Enjoy some green tea instead of coffee throughout the day and your metabolism will keep burning fat all day long.

How green tea causes weight loss


Green tea is one of the healthiest things that you can eat or drink. It has a powerful combination of antioxidants and low amounts of caffeine.

There?s not enough caffeine to make you jittery. There?s just enough to give your metabolism a little boost. 

The antioxidants help repair damaged cells in the body and keep your body working efficiently.

 When your body is working efficiently it will burn fat for energy and you will lose fat.


Drinking tea means drinking more water

Another benefit that comes with drinking green tea is that you?re drinking more water.

 Water is essential for weight loss.

 When you drink green tea all the toxins are washed out of your cells which helps your body function better and helps flush out your body.

 The more tea and water you drink the more fat you will lose.



Make green tea part of your day

Green tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, and you can add berries and other things to it if you want to add more flavors.

 There are endless ways to get more green tea into your daily diet.

 You can make iced green tea and leave it at the office so that you have a healthy drink waiting for you each day. Or you can take a break from your work to make some delicious hot green tea.


Here are some creative ways to drink more green tea: 

  • Use it in smoothies. If you make smoothies for breakfast replace the water in the smoothie with green tea
  • Get a tea tumbler. You can buy travel cups that have a slot for tea so that you can easily make tea all day long just by adding water.
  • Cook with it. Did you know that you can use green tea to flavor desserts and breads? Just replace the water in the recipe with green tea. You can even use green tea in homemade salad dressings.
  • Carry some green tea with you. Put a few green tea bags in your wallet or bag. When you go out to eat ask for some hot water instead of coffee or soda and have some green tea instead.