Make Your Own Lunches

Taking your own lunch to work or school will save you money. It also will keep you eating healthy and not indulging in fast food or restaurant lunches. 

Taking your own lunch is a fantastic way to lose weight.

Lunchtime blues

When you?re working in an office all day it can be very tempting to get fast food lunches or go out with coworkers for lunch. But four or five days a week of high calorie and high fat food can make you put on weight very quickly.

Going out with friends for lunch once in a while is fine, as long as you choose relatively healthy food, but bringing your own lunch is something you should do most of the time.


Creating tasty lunches

If you don?t choose fun and creative lunches, chances are good that they will sit in the refrigerator until you throw them away.

When you?re at work lunch is a big deal. If the food isn?t tasty or if it?s boring you won?t want to eat it.

Luckily there are a lot of fun options for low carb healthy lunches that you can take to work. Some of them need to be refrigerated but others don?t. 

Invest in a small cooler that you can use to keep your lunch in so that you have more options when it comes to what foods you can bring to work.


Choose healthy carb 

You will probably need some healthy carbs to keep you going through a long workday. That?s fine as long as you choose healthy carbs. 

Most of the meal should be protein, but you can add some healthy carbs from vegetables and even some fruit if you crave something sweet.  

Salty, crunchy nuts are a good addition to brown bag lunches because they will satisfy your cravings and give you a nice protein boost.

 If you have no idea what to make for brown bag lunches that don?t include peanut butter sandwiches here are some easy to make but delicious low carb lunches you can start taking to work:

  • Pepperoni and cheese. You can get the best part of a pizza without the crust. Bring some sliced mozzarella cheese and pepperoni for lunch and heat them up together so that the cheese is just a little melted. Or put them on some vegetables
  • Salads. There are dozens of different types of salads you can bring for lunch. Add hard-boiled eggs, chicken, ham, or other proteins to the salad to add some substance if a simple salad will leave you hungry. You can find some ingenious ways to carry salad fixings to work online so that the salad ingredients stay fresh.
  • Soups. Hearty soups are a great choice for lunch. Just check the carb count and be sure there?s no added sugar in the soup.
  • Cheese. A couple ounces of sliced cheese is delicious and satisfying. You can also bring some cheese as a snack
  • Burgers. A classic lunch of a couple of burgers without buns and a salad is a good choice too. Cook the burgers ahead of time and heat them in the microwave. You can shake things up by trying lamb, buffalo, or turkey burgers instead of beef.