Make Your Own Convenience Food

Pre-packaged food is unhealthy, but it?s definitely convenient.

That?s why it?s so much easier to pick up pre-packaged food than it is to make your own healthy food. But relying on pre-packaged food is part of the reason why you gained weight. And it?s going to prevent you from losing fat.

Luckily there is a convenient alternative.


Make your own convenience food.

Healthy food can be convenient too

They key to making healthy convenience food is to plan ahead. You can make food that is healthy and package it so that it?s easy to cook or easy to grab when you?re in a hurry.

When you?re hungry and pressed for time even if you have the best intentions to eat healthy you?re going to be tempted by the fast food drive thru or a quick food like pizza. 

But you can create healthy options for those times when you need a quick dinner or a quick snack or a quick breakfast so that you won?t be reaching for the take out menu.


Healthy choices can be delicious 

After you have been eating healthy food for a bit you will notice that the snack foods and fast food that you used to like doesn?t taste good to you anymore.  

Once you stop eating high carb foods, fried foods, and sugary foods your body won?t want those foods anymore. Instead your body will crave the healthy low carb foods you have been eating.

How to make healthy food convenient

Expanding your food horizons and being prepared makes it easier to make healthy food convenient. 

Invest in a crockpot and some good take along containers that can be used often. When you have the right equipment it will be easy to make food to bring with you instead of buying food on the go.

A portable water bottle and a travel mug are also essential. With a portable tea mug you can make tea and coffee to drink instead of buying sugary high priced coffee drinks. 

Buy a water bottle with a filter so even tap water will taste like spring water.


Here are some other ways to make healthy food and snacks that are convenient:

  • Cook on the weekends. If you know you are tired and don?t want to cook when you get home from work pick one day on the weekend to cook for the week. Cook several meals. Put them in containers and freeze them. You can heat one up for dinner during the week.
  • Portion out your food ahead of time. Take things like burgers, chicken breasts, sauces, vegetables and pasta and put them in individual portion containers. Keep them in the fridge or the freezer. You can grab them to put into a lunch sack to take to work or heat up a quick dinner when you?re pressed for time.
  • Create your own healthy snacks. Choose healthy foods like pretzels, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit to make your own snack mix. Portion the mix into individual bags and put a bag in your car, in your purse, in your desk at work or anywhere that you usually get hungry.
  • Buy healthy packaged food. There are some healthy options when it comes to convenience food. Individual cheese wedges, yogurt, and fruit are all healthy snacks that you can buy. Pre-cut vegetable trays and fruit assortments are worth the money because they give you healthy and fast snack options.