Eat More

Eat more to lose weight?

That sounds crazy but it?s true.

 Most people eat food that is full of empty calories and that?s why they gain weight. If you want to lose fat and build muscle you need to eat more.

 The catch is that you have to be eating the right kinds of foods if you want to lose fat.


Starvation mode

Restricting calories isn?t enough to cause fat loss. If it was, losing weight wouldn?t be so hard.

 When you don?t eat enough the body assumes that it is starving and goes into emergency starvation mode. When the body is in starvation mode it stores every possible calorie as fat.

 It stores fat so that if food is not available the body will have stored fat to use as fuel. So when you restrict calories you are actually forcing your body to make and store fat.

 Why diets don?t work

 Starvation mode is the reason why people who diet don?t lose weight, or lose weight and put it back on when the diet is over.

 Dieting will not cause long-term fat loss. Only changing the way that you eat will do that.

 If you want to lose fat you should be regularly giving your body the food that it needs to steadily burn calories.


Six meals a day

 Nutrition experts agree that if you really want to lose fat and keep it off you should eat six small meals a day. Those meals should be mostly protein and some healthy carbs.

 If you do that you will be shocked at how fast you will lose fat. Even that stubborn belly fat will fall off quickly if you are eating six small meals each day that are mostly protein.

 The key is to keep the meals small. A couple of hard boiled eggs and a protein bar might seem like a snack right now, but that would be a good meal if you are eating small meals.

 You should be eating small amounts every 3-4 hours if you want burn fat fast.

 Most people find it hard to imagine eating six meals a day, especially with a busy schedule of work and other commitments.


Here are some easy ways to change from three meals each day to six small meals:

  • Pick a protein and one other food. You can?t go wrong with this formula. A burger and some mashed cauliflower might be one meal. Some cheese and vegetables might be another. A third might be some yogurt and some nuts.
  • Keep food with you. Once you start eating this way you will start to get hungry every few hours. Keep some string cheese, yogurt, fruit, or hard-boiled eggs with you so that you always have healthy food close at hand.
  • Set an alarm. If you usually go the entire day without eating and find it hard to remember to eat set an alarm on your phone or tablet to remind you when it?s time to eat. After a few weeks of this your body will naturally be hungry every few hours and that will be your reminder to eat.
  • Write down what you eat. Keep a food journal to write down what meals you have already eaten. That will help you stay on schedule and make sure that you?re eating mostly protein.