Cut Out Refined Sugar

Refined sugar is something that has been proven to cause belly fat. That?s because refined sugar is a simple carbohydrate. 

Complex carbohydrates are the carbs that give you energy. Simple carbs are just empty calories that end up as fat in the body because they have no nutritional value.


Most people don?t even realize how much refined sugar they are eating every day because they don?t realize that nearly every prepared food or restaurant food contains at least some refined sugar and some foods contain huge amounts of it.  

Hidden in plain sight

If you think that just because you don?t put refined sugar in your coffee or eat sugary snacks you?re safe from refined sugar you?re wrong. 

Every day foods that you wouldn?t think contain sugar actually do have sugar in them. Things like spaghetti sauce, salad dressing, canned vegetables, yogurt, crackers, breads and other foods.

Over the years food manufacturers started adding more and more sugar to their products so that people would buy them. Prepared foods like boxed mashed potatoes, stuffing and other foods also have hidden sugar in them. Most people are eating 3x the amount of sugar they should be eating daily without even realizing it.  

How to cut your sugar consumption

First you need to stop drinking soda, fruit juice with added sugar, and fancy coffee drinks that are packed with sugar.

Smoothies also contain added sugar, even though they are supposed to be healthy.

The next thing you need to do is start-preparing food from scratch.

 It may seem daunting but it?s really not as hard as you think.

Preparing your own food from raw ingredients will ensure that you are not eating a lot of sugar that you don?t want to be eating. Also start reading food labels closely to find out if they have hidden sugar. 

If you aren?t feeling secure enough to start cooking from scratch then look for diabetic friendly foods when you shop. 

Diabetic foods will have lower sugar content and no added sugar. 

Other ways you can cut your intake of refined sugar include:

  • Switch to a natural sugar substitute. Use that for coffee, baking, or cereal
  • Use natural, locally grown honey as a sweetener. Honey has a wide range of health benefits.
  • Drink water instead of bottled tea and soda
  • Look for dark chocolate bars, which have lower sugar content.
  • Eat more fruit and naturally sweet foods.
  • Make your own sauces and dips.
  • Buy unsweetened plain yogurt and flavor it yourself with berries and spices.