Keep A Journal

Keeping a journal isn?t just for kids. 

Journaling is a valuable tool for getting rid of stress, dealing with problems, and living a healthier life.

A journal is a great place to write out all your frustrations and annoyances so that they don?t build up and cause stress.


A journal can also keep you focused on living a positive and healthy life.


Use your creative skills

 Art journals are very popular for adults. You can use paint, photos, stamps and other supplies to create beautiful art journals that are therapeutic as well creative.

Many people find that making art journals is a great way to document their progress through life. They will often make an art journal for each significant event in their lives.

Art journals don?t have to be professional quality art.

No one will see them but you, unless you choose to show them to someone. They are a way for you to express yourself with a combination of art and words.


Stream of consciousness journal 

Stream of consciousness journals, or SOC journals, are also great for reducing stress and improving creativity.

SOC journals can be just plain notebooks or fancy books depending on what you prefer.

Either first thing in the morning, or late at night, sit down and write three full pages without stopping.

Write about anything and everything that comes into your head. This will help you reduce stress, focus more, and improve your creativity. 

Here are some great journal prompts to get you started.


Write about any of these topics in your journal:

  • What is your favorite memory?
  • What was your first pet?s name? How did you choose that name?
  • What do you think society will be like in 100 years?