Get Into a Workout Routine

… Habits are hard to break. Once you make working out a habit you are more likely to do it every day.  It takes about two weeks for a new activity to become a habit. So if you workout everyday for two weeks you are much more likely to keep doing it.   Can you […]

Stay Hydrated

… You already know that drinking water can help you lose weight. But did you know that you need to drink water when you?re exercising too? Don?t just have a massive gulp of water after a workout, but consistently hydrate during the workout.   Staying hydrated during a workout is very important. If you get […]

Exercise At Work

… One of the best healthy habits is exercising at work. Sitting all day can cause a lot of health problems.   Getting a good workout in during the day can help offset the effects of sitting and working all day. Even if you don?t want to hit the gym on your lunch break there […]

Challenge Yourself

The only way to improve when it comes to fitness is to keep challenging yourself. You may compete against others when it comes to playing sports but ultimately you are your only completion. You should always be striving to be better and accomplish your goals.   Healthy challenges Challenging yourself doesn?t mean beating yourself up. […]

Make Exercise A Family Activity

… One of the best things that you can do for your kids and for yourself is to make exercise a family activity.   Family hikes, playing sports as a family, even just playing games in the yard will have huge benefits for both you and your kids.   Teach a healthy lifestyle Adults mimic […]

Exercise With Friends

  It?s a proven fact that exercising with friends makes you more likely to exercise regularly. Exercising with friends is a great way to make working out more fun. It also gives you a chance to hang out with friends even if you have a busy schedule.   Accountability … Your friends aren?t going to […]

Have Fun Exercising

… Stop thinking of exercising as a chore that must be done and have fun doing it. The more fun you have exercising the more likely you are to keep doing it.   That?s how you will lose belly fat and develop healthy workout habits that will keep you healthy throughout your life.   Fun […]

Put Some Variety In Your Workout

  It?s good to have a workout routine that consists of one activity that you really like to do. But just doing one thing can sometimes get boring.   It also can lead to a plateau in your weight loss.   Adding new activities and new intensity levels to your workout will keep it interesting. […]

Stay Motivated

… One of the hardest parts of getting into a good workout routine is just staying motivated to keep going. Everyone starts off strong and wants to work out often to lose lots of weight. But as the weeks go by it?s easy to lose the motivation to keep improving yourself.   That?s when you […]

Consult A Personal Trainer

  A great way to be sure that you are making progress towards your fitness and fat loss goals is to meet with a personal trainer.   A personal trainer can give you the kind of guidance that you need to keep working towards the goals you set. A personal trainer can also help you […]