Buy High Quality Workout Gear

If you?re on a budget you might be tempted to skimp when it comes to workout clothes. After all, why pay a lot for clothes that you?re going to sweat in, wad up in your gym bag, and probably not wash for weeks at a time?

But there are some very good reasons to pay a little more for workout gear.


Prevent injuries

One place you definitely shouldn?t skimp on is the shoes you buy for working out. If you don?t have the right support for your feet you can develop serious foot and leg problems.

Also, wearing shoes that don?t support your feet make you more likely to trip, stumble, or fall. If you fall you could hurt yourself badly and make it impossible to exercise.

If you are on a tight budget there are ways that you can get high quality sneakers for less. 

Shop during sales. 

Look for brand name shoes at closeout stores.

Use coupons or discount deals.

Look for online shopping codes that will give you a few dollars off.

Combining all of these ?money-savers? means that you can get the quality you need at a good price. 


Yes, those cheap shirts and shorts that you buy from the discount store might get you through workouts for a few weeks. But cheaper usually means lower quality. So those clothes won?t last very long, especially if they are going through a lot of abuse. 

Replacing them will cost more and it might interrupt your workout routine if you have to take the time to shop for more clothes.

Skip the hassles of dealing with cheap workout gear and invest in higher quality clothes. It is worth the cost. 

If you really can?t afford higher quality workout gear see if you can borrow some from friends or find some in a secondhand store.

Often people who give up working out donate their brand name clothes to secondhand stores.


Once you start to take your workout seriously you?ll appreciate the higher performance of good workout gear.

Having tops and jackets that wick sweat and keep you warm will help you perform better. Better quality pants and shorts will give your legs the support they need.

Here?s a few more ways to save money on high quality athletic wear:

  • Shop at outlet stores. Many brands have outlet stores where you can get closeouts for discounted prices.
  • Get group deals. If you and your friends go in together and bulk order high performance clothes you can usually get a wholesale discount.
  • Checkout sporting goods stores and secondhand equipment shops. Skip the pricey boutiques and look for clothes at the same stores where you are buying other workout gear. You can often get great deals there.