Exercise At Work

One of the best healthy habits is exercising at work. Sitting all day can cause a lot of health problems.  

Getting a good workout in during the day can help offset the effects of sitting and working all day. Even if you don?t want to hit the gym on your lunch break there are ways to get your workout in at work.  


Walking is a great exercise. It helps circulation and it?s a low impact way to get some exercise in. You don?t want to worry about breaking a sweat or being too exhausted to continue working.

If you keep a set of workout clothes and walking shoes in your desk or in a gym bag in the corner of your office you can quickly change and go for a walk either on your breaks or on your lunch break.

Walking on your breaks can add up to a nice workout even though each break is short.


If walking isn?t something that you enjoy you can start an aerobics program at work. 

See if some of your coworkers would be interested in participating in a Zumba session.  

Or hire a Yoga instructor to come in and teach a Yoga class during lunch a few days each week. If everyone splits the cost it won?t be expensive.

Working out together can be a great way to raise morale and lower company health costs. You may even get a discount on your health costs because you are taking steps to lose weight.


Here are some other fun ways to get in some extra exercise at work: 

  • Desk Yoga. There are plenty of programs on smartphone apps and on DVDs that will show you Yoga sequences you can do at your desk.
  • Office games. When the weather is nice grab your coworkers on breaks or lunches and go outside to play kickball, volleyball or other games.
  • Run the stairs. Who needs a stair stepper when you work on the 5th floor of the building? Put on some workout clothes and run the stairs on your breaks
  • Park and walk. Try parking your car in another lot and walking a few extra blocks to and from work. That will give you a great workout and a chance to enjoy being outside.