Stay Motivated

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One of the hardest parts of getting into a good workout routine is just staying motivated to keep going.

Everyone starts off strong and wants to work out often to lose lots of weight. But as the weeks go by it?s easy to lose the motivation to keep improving yourself.


That?s when you need to know how to motivate yourself to keep going.  

Look better

You want to lose belly fat to look better as well as feel better. But shaming yourself isn?t going to motivate you to workout harder or more often.

Instead of looking at photos of yourself when you?re overweight and feeling bad, look at photos of people who look the way you want to look. That will keep you motivated to workout harder and accomplish your goal of looking great.


Feel better

Another reason to keep working out and lose belly fat is to feel better.

When you?re tempted to skip your workout because it?s cold or too hot or you?re too tired, think about how great you feel after you exercise. 

Remind yourself that working out is the cure for every kind of bad day. This will get you back into the gym.  

When you?re losing motivation and feel like giving up here are some ways to stay motivated to keep exercising:

  • Put some great music that will get you moving
  • Stop thinking about how bad you feel and just get moving
  • Call a friend and ask them to work out with you
  • Try a new exercise.
  • Skip your scheduled workout and do something active that you just enjoy doing like swimming or horseback riding.
  • Buy some new workout clothes.