Get Into a Workout Routine

Habits are hard to break.

Once you make working out a habit you are more likely to do it every day. 

It takes about two weeks for a new activity to become a habit. So if you workout everyday for two weeks you are much more likely to keep doing it.


Can you invest two weeks in your health?  

Yes you can!


Two weeks of daily workouts is a small price to pay to burn fat and be healthy for life.

Find exercise that you enjoy

The key to establishing a good workout routine is to find an exercise that you really enjoy.

 You can always add new and exciting things to your workouts to keep them interesting. But the workout that you do every day should be something that you really like to do or you won?t want to do it every day.

The workout you choose for your daily workout doesn?t have to be something that is very intense or high speed.  

Taking a 30-minute walk every day is a great exercise routine. Or going for a bike ride every day.

 Simple activities that you really enjoy will keep you coming back for more every day.

 Workout at the same time every day

 Another important part of establishing a workout routine is to exercise at the same time each day.

 After two weeks of exercising at the same time each day you will automatically think of that time as workout time.

 Working out in the morning is the best because you will have more energy and more willpower in the morning.

 But if you don?t have the time to fit in a workout in the morning then you can find a time in the evening to workout.

 Taking a walk after work or taking a bike ride after dinner is a fun routine to get into that will burn fat and help eliminate stress.


No excuses

 While you are working on getting into a workout routine you have to make exercising a priority. Don?t put off your workouts to have coffee with a friend, work late, or for any other reason.

 You need to work out during those weeks to set your routine.

 Here are a few ways to make sure that you don?t miss workouts during those important weeks:

  • Make an appointment with yourself. Write down your workouts on your schedule and tell everyone you?re busy during that time.
  • Keep a second set of workout clothes in the car. If you are hitting the gym on the way home or at lunch keep a set of workout clothes in your locker and another set in a bag in your car. That way you can?t use the excuse that you don?t have any clean workout clothes to get out of a workout
  • Ask a friend to call you each morning. If you want to exercise in the morning but are having trouble getting up for your workout ask a friend or family member to call you early in the morning to be sure you are up and ready to workout.
  • Create a workout calendar on paper. Electronics are great, but using a paper calendar is better. Print out a monthly calendar and hang it up near your desk. Every day draw a huge X through that day after you workout. Seeing those giant X?s everyday will subconsciously make you want to workout so that you can continue the pattern.