Stay Hydrated

You already know that drinking water can help you lose weight.

But did you know that you need to drink water when you?re exercising too?

Don?t just have a massive gulp of water after a workout, but consistently hydrate during the workout.


Staying hydrated during a workout is very important.

If you get dehydrated while you are exercising you could develop muscle cramps that can ruin your workout and even cause injuries.

You also could become dizzy or light-headed if you are sweating a lot and not replacing all the fluid that you are losing through sweat.

What happens if you get dehydrated

If you get dehydrated during a period of intense physical activity the toxins that your body is releasing are not getting flushed out.

That can lead to illness or other problems. 

Also your muscles can seize and cramp if you don?t have enough water in your body during working out which can hurt a lot and bring your workout to a screeching halt.

Cramps and muscle spasms can also cause other injuries that can make it impossible to exercise for weeks. 

When you can?t exercise you won?t be able to lose fat. So drinking water while you workout is very important.


Water vs. sports drinks 

Plain water is better for you during a workout than a sports drink.

Sports drinks contain a lot of carbs and a lot of sugar. The carbs in sports drinks aren?t the healthy kind. They are the kind that ends up stored in your body as fat.

So drinking a sports drink while you are working out can actually cause you to gain fat instead of lose it.

If you want to make sure that your electrolytes are balanced you can add some orange or lemon juice to the water that you drink.

Citrus fruit juice helps your body stay hydrated naturally.

Here are a few more tips for staying hydrated during a workout:

  • Start drinking water before your workout. You know you will be losing fluid when you workout, so drinking water before you start working out will help you stay hydrated longer. About an hour before your workout start drinking water
  • Drink room temperature water during your workout. Drinking ice-cold water during a workout can lead to cramps. Make sure you have some room temperature water to drink during your exercise
  • Drink after your workout. Your body will continue burning calories for several hours after you are done working out. Keep drinking water throughout that time to make sure you stay hydrated
  • Keep water with you. Carry a water bottle with you that you can refill. You should also keep some bottled water in your car or in your desk so that you always have some with you