Work On Your Core


Belly fat doesn?t just look bad. It raises your risk of serious diseases like diabetes and heart disease.  

Your core muscles are the muscles in your abdominal area, back and sides. Core workouts will strengthen and lengthen those muscles and burn fat.


No quick fix

There is no exercise that will cause you to lose fat in just one area. But when you regularly exercise your core you will lose inches in the core area.  

Having a strong core will also improve your posture, balance, and stamina.  

Pilates core workouts

Core workouts usually use interval training or weight training to work your core muscles.

One of the best core workouts is Pilates. Pilates is a series of stretches and targeted muscle building exercises that focuses on the core. 

Dancers and performers use Pilates to make their bodies strong and lean without adding a lot of bulk.

Pilates exercises were developed after WWII by a man named Joseph Pilates.  

He was a doctor who noticed that many of the men wounded in the war experienced a lot of muscle atrophy and weakness after being confined to bed with injuries.

He created a series of exercises that these men could do in bed in order to strengthen the core muscles of the body and keep them strong.

Today millions of people perform Pilates exercises to get six pack abs and to lose belly fat. Pilates exercises are easy to do and incredibly effective for getting rid of belly fat.

How to start pilates

Pilates workouts are short and can easily be done at home.

There are studios that offer Pilates classes if you prefer to go to a class. But you can also do Pilates at home using a DVD or watching a Pilates workout with instructions online. 

All you need to do Pilates are:

  • A mat. Any exercise or yoga mat will work for Pilates. If you have hard floors you might want to use a floor cushion or pillow under your mat
  • A strap. Pilates uses stretchy straps to help with stretching and to help hold the body in position during the exercises. You can buy inexpensive Pilates straps or you can even use a rolled up towel or a belt to do the exercises.
  • Water. Always stay hydrated during a workout even a workout like Pilates. Pilates workouts aren?t very fast paced but you can work up a good sweat doing them. Keep water close by.
  • DVD or Pilates book. If you are working out on your own you will need a Pilates DVD or book to demonstrate all the exercises. But that?s all you need to get started! You can start burning belly fat with Pilates very quickly.