Use Kettlebells

One of the most effective workouts for losing belly fat is also one of the simplest. All you need to burn belly fat is a Kettlebell.

Kettlebells usually come in pairs but for this workout you just need one. They aren?t expensive and you can find them at any sporting goods store.


25-50 Kettlebell swings per day can dramatically shape your core and get rid of belly fat 

What is a kettlebell swing?

A Kettlebell Swing is a move that comes from the popular Crossfit style of workout. Stand with your weight distributed evenly on both feet and your feet apart. Holding the Kettlebell with both hand pick it up and raise it to chest level. 

Then with a controlled motion swing the kettlebell down between your knees. When the Kettlebell is just behind your knees swing it back up to chest level. That is a complete Kettlebell swing.  

50 kettlebell swings? really?


It?s not as difficult as it sounds. You should never do more than 10 Kettlebell swings at a time. So you should do 5 sets of 10 Kettlebell Swings.

If you perform those sets throughout the day it doesn?t seem like a lot at all.

Do a few when you get up. A few more before you leave for work. You can do some at work or on breaks. Then finish up at night after you get home. 

Once you get into the habit of doing Kettlebell Swings all through the day you will feel like you?re hardly working out. But you will definitely the fat disappearing from your belly.

Your back, legs and core muscles will get toned and strong too, which will burn more calories. 

Here are some ways to make doing your daily Kettlebell Swings more fun:

  • Challenge a friend. Enlist a friend or a few coworkers to start doing Kettlebell Swings with you. Throughout the day you can keep track of how many each of you has done. A friendly competition will keep you motivated to keep doing them
  • Create a great workout playlist. Music is a great motivator. Fill a playlist with songs that really get you moving. You will have fun listening to the music and doing Kettlebell Swings.
  • Reward yourself. At the end of the week if you have done Kettlebell Swings every day of the week reward yourself with some workout clothes, a new CD or DVD, or a trip to the movies. Just don?t reward yourself with food!