Put Some Variety In Your Workout


It?s good to have a workout routine that consists of one activity that you really like to do. But just doing one thing can sometimes get boring.  

It also can lead to a plateau in your weight loss.  

Adding new activities and new intensity levels to your workout will keep it interesting. It will provide more of a challenge so that you will lose more fat.


Try new workouts

A great way to spice up your workout routine is to add a new activity a few times each week.  

You can try going to the gym instead of walking a couple of days each week. Or try swimming instead of biking on alternate days of the week.

When you try new things you may find out that there are activities that you like better than what you?re currently doing. 

At the very least you will get to try something new and burn some more calories.


Set a training goal 

If you don?t want to change the activity that you?re doing you can try setting a new goal for yourself.  

If you like walking think about entering a 5K.  

If you like biking consider entering a race or possibly trying a triathlon. 

Challenge yourself to achieve something big with your workouts.

Participate in charity events

There is a huge variety of fitness related charity events that are put on to raise money.  

Consider signing up to raise money by getting friends and family to pledge money for every mile you walk or bike, every lap you swim, or every hour you spend doing Zumba.

Look up some of the charity events in your area and start training for one today.

You can challenge yourself and raise some money for a great cause at the same time. 

Here are a few other ways that you can add some variety to your normal workout:

  • Use smartphone apps. There are many different kinds of smartphone apps that do everything from make you think you?re biking through the Swiss Alps to training you to run and survive in a zombie apocalypse. Many are free or cost next to nothing so check out some apps that interest you.
  • Relive your youth. Create a musical playlist from some of the best years of your life. Listen to the different playlists while you?re working out to inspire you.
  • Blog about your workouts. Take photos and videos during your workouts and blog about your experiences. Invest in a GoPro camera so that people online can see what you see as you workout.